The Hideout Economy

To fuel the Hideout, Hideout Labs is launching a governance token called Ammolite, $AMMO. This will act as the foundation for the Skvllpvnkz economy: any and all trading, market use and item listing will require $AMMO to interact.
Our vision for the Hideout brings holders together in an ecosystem to participate in a gamified NFT experience. Holders can stake and manage their NFTs to earn rewards and payouts in $AMMO.
Within the Hideout you will be able to win and purchase items and wearables for metaverses such as Nanopass, and more. We have begun this process with a successful drop of Skvllpvnkz metaverse merchandise to all Hideout holders that can be worn in Decentraland.
Every collection under the Skvllpvnkz brand name will have an important role in the utility of the Hideout. Any and all future collections will be integrated into the fold, building an ever expanding, lore-filled play to earn game.
Last modified 11mo ago