Skvllpvnkz Outreach

Together with our partners and collaborators, we aim to create a cross-platform, cross-chain experience. The ethos: bring the metaverse together in an uninterrupted, continuous venture. Imagine hopping out of the Hideout onto another platform, encountering various gamestyles and metaspaces, all through the same character.
With this ethos in mind, Hideout Labs is developing 3D Skvllpvnkz models for each of the Skvllpvnkz Hideout 10k avatars. Through Skvllpvnkz Outreach we aim to have a cross-platform experience where holders can participate in multiple metaverses by completing tasks and missions. Holders will be able to gather loot in the form of NFTs from collaborative projects to add to their collections and strengthen their in-game capabilities. We are continually exploring cross-project compatibility where tokens, items and other services could be used collaboratively.
Our recent NanoPass partnership is a great example of the Skvllpvnkz Outreach program. Expect to see more development on this path as we grow..