Skvllpvnkz 3D Models

Skvllpvnkz Hideout holders will gain access to their Skvllpvnkz 3D model. 3Dpvnkz will enable holders to delve into exploring compatible collaborative metaverses.
3Dpvnkz will reflect the 2D Skvllpvnkz on which they are modelled. 3Dpvnkz will eventually be extendable and customisable with items and wearables, to be released in due time. If a holder sells a Skvllpvnkz Hideout NFT, they are able to keep the 3D model NFT birthed from it. It is not transferred to the new owner by default. 3Dpvnkz will be created as unattached, independent NFTs which can be traded like any other.
3Dpvnkz can be purchased with $AMMO. Holders of Skvllpvnkz Hideout who have held their NFTs since the 3D announcement (28.11.2021) will have accumulated enough tokens to purchase their 3Dpvnkz. New holders can stake their NFTs or purchase tokens in order to acquire their 3Dpvnkz. The decision to earn the tokens encourages the use of the Hideout economy through interaction with our governance token, ensuring a healthier market overall.
Holders will have the flexibility to select which 3Dpvnkz they want to claim and which to leave unclaimed. Newcomers will be able to hunt for Skvllpvnkz NFTs that have not yet had a 3Dpvnkz claimed.