The Hideout Missions

Send your Skvllpvnkz out on missions to earn $AMMO and loot.
Missions will be accessible via the Hideout and will initially require Skvllpvnkz from the Hideout to participate. There is a combination of mission categories for game staking diversity, where multiple Skvllpvnkz can be sent to a variety of locations and earn additional rewards. Difficulty level of quests depends on the experience of the Skvllpvnkz participating. Longer missions typically earn higher rewards.
Quests will alternate every 1 to 2 weeks to prevent stagnation and new quests will be added to the quest pool regularly. On occasion, specific items may be required to start a mission and only those with the required items will be able to participate. The items will act as consumables with a single charge.
Mission durations are 1, 2, and 7 day options with the exceptions of quick and rare missions with varying time lengths.
Hideout Missions

Mission Rewards

The Ammolite (AMMO) governance token will operate as the main reward for missions and events within the Hideout. The amount of tokens earned depends on a few varying factors, with difficulty level being the primary influencer. Rare loot such as materials, consumables and other items will also be obtainable as drops in unique missions. Loot will be tradable on the Hideout Market and price will be determined by the holder market.
Some missions will have a guaranteed specific loot drop and to an extent will be farmable. Other missions will have an RNG loot system which will determine what rewards are given and in the case of $AMMO, how much. If in a group, there is a chance that rewards are split evenly or in some cases, RNG will distribute the loot accordingly amongst participants.

Mission Rollout Phases

Phase 1: Scavenger Missions

Send your Skvllpvnkz on solo scavenger hunts in return for $AMMO. These simple missions have a fixed time duration as well as a fixed reward system. There is no limit on how many scavenger missions you can participate in at once. Scavenger missions will reward a small amount of experience whereas longer missions grant more.

Phase 2: PvE Missions

Dispatch your Skvllpvnkz individually or in groups and bring back rewards in the form of $AMMO and other items. Especially challenging missions will require specific items to be activated. These items are found as rewards in scavenger hunts and PvP missions. Within PvE, there are multiple categories of missions with varying requirements and rewards:
  • Experience
  • Item Requirement
  • Role Requirement
  • Group Minimum/Maximum

Phase 3: PvP Missions

Within the Skvllpvnkz community gaming is a major topic, player vs player titles in particular. With this in mind, we decided to implement a PvP mini-game feature into Hideout staking. In both a free-for-all and cooperative game style, holders can pit themselves against one another in a staking pool, in hopes to reap massive rewards. Beware, the staked amount could be lost if you are defeated in battle. These competitive missions are an opportunity to earn big but also lose it all. When a player is eliminated, their staked amount is collected by the winner. PvP missions are separated into tiers based on experience and level. Pit yourselves against your equals and see who comes out on top!
Disclaimer: Multiplayer gameplay in missions will likely be implemented in phase 2-3 of the Hideout.