The Daycare

Staking Skvllbabiez to earn Ammolite (AMMO).
Spawn from breeding 2 Hideout Skvllpvnkz, a total of 5,000 cute yet deadly Skvllbabiez can ever be minted. Each baby can earn 4 $AMMO a day when staked in the Daycare. They can be checked in or out of Daycare via Hideout staking and will require a gas fee. Holders of Skvllbabiez can view the individual staked amount of their NFTs in the Daycare and select which Skvllbabiez to add or remove from the staking pool. New Skvllbabiez acquired will need to manually be staked in the Daycare.
Skvllpvnkz Daycare Staking
Skvllbabiez staked in the Daycare are transferred to a staking contract. While staked, holders cannot trade or transfer ownership until checked out of the Daycare and the rewards have been claimed.