Skvllpvnkz Hideout

Each of the 10k generated Skvllpvnkz will yield earnings of 2 $AMMO per day. Holders of Skvllpvnkz Hideout NFTs instantly qualify to receive daily rewards. Holders can claim these rewards as and when they wish. A gas fee will occur each time tokens are claimed, thus a wiser strategy would be waiting for rewards to accumulate.
Trading activity is being tracked as of mint and Skvllpvnkz holders will get rewarded for those diamond hands! An $AMMO token airdrop will be available to claim later this quarter. Not everyone will be eligible - exact criteria details will be shared in due course. Holder reward accumulations and stats will be available to track on our new platform.
The Hideout
Higher rarity Skvllpvnkz NFTs will have an equal staking bonus to the more common NFTs. This is to prevent any pay-to-win mechanics being utilised, ensuring a fair staking field for all holders.