Inventory, Resources & Crafted Items

Holder wallets of Hideout collections will have an inventory within the Hideout to store gear and equipables for mission use. Upon completion of a mission, looted items and $AMMO will automatically be sent to the wallet’s inventory. Players can hold items in their inventory or trade them on the Hideout market. When an item needs to be equipped, it is selected via the Skvllpvnkz equipment slots which will then open the wearable options tab.
Pieces of scrap will be introduced as default rewards in every mission and will act as an additional resource to use in the economics of the Hideout. This includes breaking down the scrap in return for $AMMO, crafting specific items, trading scrap for items and/or $AMMO. Pieces of scrap are mechanical parts left over from the Skvllbotz wars. The amount of scrap rewarded depends on the mission difficulty and rarity.
Crafted Items
Scraps and materials gathered in the Hideout will be forged into rare wearables and collectibles for your Skvllpvnkz 3D models. Items will include weapons, clothing, gear and headwear, to name a few. Rare versions have a small chance to be forged when crafting. Items are categorised by rarity and use-case. They can be of common, rare, legendary or deity rarity.
The Inventory