Experience & Levelling

Your Skvllpvnkz Hideout wallet account will receive experience for participating in missions and quests within the Hideout. Every successful mission will reward XP based on difficulty, and progress through the levelling system is gradual. Experience fills a levelling bar and when that reaches 100%, a level is rewarded.
Rewards for levelling achievements will include $AMMO, temporary staking percentage increases and other TBD rewards. Levelling and levelling rewards will be capped, to control the distribution of $AMMO and prevent the treasury from over-minting.
In the future, higher-level accounts will unlock harder difficulty features and in-game content such as cosmetics, unique items, banners and more. These harder to get items will be a way to show off your skills and experience.
Profile page with comprehensive analytics
Our sophisticated new profile design will allow you to proudly share all your achievements, badges, collectibles and rewards and also allow you to understand and improve your performance using advanced analytics.