Skvllpvnkz - The Hideout

Official Skvllpvnkz Development Paper, last updated April 2022.
Disclaimer: The following document outlines the Hideout economy, governance token and gamified staking utility of Skvllpvnkz and future NFT collections within the Hideout. As we are at the initial stages of development, future iterations of this document will detail any advancements and alterations.


Skvllpvnkz originated as a visionary NFT collection embraced by an active and open community. Together we have built a brand worthy of the NFT space. Now, Devs at Hideout Labs are shifting gears, evolving Skvllpvnkz into an ultimate gamified staking experience.
Since mid-2021, innovation, creativity and passionate communities have been driving the next generation of NFTs. Working hard at Hideout Labs, we’ve been laying the foundations for the evolution of Skvllpvnkz. Combining knowledge, passion for gaming and blockchain experience, we'll be introducing a gamified NFT experience that we hope our community will enjoy.
This is the beginning of a collaborative journey and we are very excited to be sharing it with the world. This paper is your definitive preview of the Skvllpvnkz next stop - a place we call the Hideout.


Skvllpvnkz our brand Hideout our **** metaverse Genesis Collections 1/1 collections where it all started Skvllpvnkz Hideout collection of 10K unique NFTs Skvllbabiez NFTs created by combining 2 Skvllpvnkz Hideout Skvllpvnkz Daycare for staking Skvllbabiez Ammolite (AMMO) governance token & Hideout currency Hideout Market trading platform in the Hideout Skvllpvnkz Outreach Skvllpvnkz and future collections to other metaverses The Hideout Labs the team behind it all

Skvllpvnkz Collections

Skvllpvnkz currently consists of the following collections:
  1. 1.
    The Genesis Collections a. Skvllpvnkz Genesis (118) b. SkvllGodz (62) c. Skvllpvnkz Originz (112)
  2. 2.
    Skvllpvnkz Hideout (fixed at 10k)
  3. 3.
    Skvllpvnkz Daycare (max 5K)
Skvllpvnkz Hideout is a fixed amount of 10,000 unique avatars stored on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens. No more will be produced. Today they can be purchased on second hand markets and soon, on the Hideout Market.
Skvllbabiez can be minted by Skvllpvnkz Hideout owners. Two Skvllpvnkz (regardless of gender) are required to make a baby and can only be used once. The limit is 5000. Once minted, Skvllbabiez are automatically stored on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens. Skvllbabiez are available for purchase on OpenSea and soon at the Hideout Market.
To secure the value of these assets and to help ensure their longevity, there will be no more production of Skvllpvnkz Hideout or Skvllbabiez (once the limit of 5k is reached).
Further additions to Genesis Collections could be introduced and other supporting characters may be developed over time. We are also working on future collections while building on and expanding the Hideout.
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